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Vocal Animal Plush for Pet Dog Molar Teeth Cleaning Training

$9.99 $9.99

  • Applicable occasions: the cotton dog toy is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs or puppies; note: although the cotton is strong and durable, the cotton dog toy is not indestructible; if your dog is very aggressive, you can only use it under the supervision of an adult
  • Features: dogs can chew on toys and at the same time use toys to help them clean the stains on their teeth, and train the puppies to reduce the dog's sense of boredom; beautiful chew toys can attract the dog's attention
  • Its size is perfect for small, medium and large dogs. It is also suitable for dogs of all growth stages. Let your pets be happy and happy outdoors or inside
  • It is also a dental cleaning toy, which can fully reduce dental plaque and gum bleeding caused by eating problems. Let you see that your dog maintain a healthy body every day. Other than that, we also support you in solving your  pet's problems during use, just contact us.