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Paws In

Pet Hair Removal


  • 【Paws In Grooming Brush】Made with skin friendly and stable ABS material, which is 100% safe for using. The product size is 195*108*65 mm. Four colors available to meet different home decor.
  • 【Comfortable】The grooming brush  contains very soft needle with glue point that can ease pets. By brushing your pet, it actually gives them a full body message which can dramatically reduce their anxiety. 
  • 💎Super Functional 💎】The grooming brush can easily contain falling pet hair on its surface. To remove those twisted hair on the brush, what you need to do is simply pressing the button at the front to push out the extra hair between the needle. It will automatically fall out as whole.
  • 【🚀Guarantee and Shipping🚀】 The merchandise will shipped out from US warehouse and it takes up to 7 days to arrive your receiving address. If you don't like our merchandises, just simply apply a refund in your account page within 30 days after receiving items. There is no further question ask or restocking fee required.