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Our Story

Paws In is established in 2019 by Jessica Jonas. Paws In was set up as an online based pet solution store. At first, Paws In started diversifying pet stores and entered the matter of discount dispersion for pet-related stock. In the late2020, Paws In extended its essence in Canada and entered universal markets. Paws In at present has stores in the United States and global markets including South Africa, China, Canada, Mexico Brazil and El Salvador.

What's More ...

It is our craving at Paws In to have any kind of effect in the networks we serve. Paws In has been the retail pet industry pioneer in the territory of creature care with continuous staff preparing programs, in-store creature farming frameworks and network benefit programs went for setting destitute pets and averting undesirable litters in the network.


“Our pet guides are devoted to coordinating the correct pet with the correct client and addressing the requirements of both. To our clients who as of now have pets, we are devoted to upgrading their insight and pleasure in the human-creature bond.”

We Are Paws In

We're on a mission to do good in this world.